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Guaranteed Cockroach Treatments

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Cockroach problems? We’ll fix them in no time!

Guaranteed Cockroach Treatments

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  • 4.9 

See Our Reviews

Cockroaches multiply by the hundreds and spread filth and disease

Cockroach Control Adelaide

Cockroach infestations can get out of control quickly in Adelaide, so it’s best you act now to keep your home or business cockroach free with our targeted and regularly maintained cockroach control and management programs. If you have cockroaches already, our cockroach treatment services work fast to eliminate cockroaches and at the same time keep your family and pets safe while looking after the environment.

Over the years we’ve learnt a lot about cockroaches and how they can invade, multiply and become an infestation before you know it, so we’ve developed a proven cockroach treatment program designed to fix your cockroach problem and help avoid them from coming back.

At Allstate Pest Control we eliminate cockroaches everyday and it’s our business to know what works and how to help solve your cockroach problem. Call for expert service to all suburbs in Adelaide, we operate 7 days a week and can help you 24 hours a day when you need us most!

Book our cockroach control service for an on-site assessment, treatment and control solution to eliminate cockroaches anywhere in Adelaide.

Get rid of cockroaches quickly

Cockroaches are active in Adelaide year round, and attracted to buildings where they can find food and warmth. Cockroaches are a big problem – they’re infamous disease spreaders, contaminate food and can quickly ruin the reputation of any business.
Worse, they multiply very quickly. For every cockroach you see there are likely ten more out of sight.

What to do if you have a cockroach infestation

While you may be able to kill individual cockroaches, the only way to get rid of the infestation altogether is with professional products and solutions. If you begin seeing signs of cockroaches, getting a pest control professional out now is likely to save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

Why use Allstate Pest Control for your cockroach problem?

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  • Alison T. Avatar
    Alison T.

    Very professional. Explained exactly what the process was and carried out the spider spray quickly and efficiently. Very happy with the results. Will definitely be using them every year. Thankyou

    13 Oct 2021
    Kath B. Avatar
    Kath B.
    positive review 

    Efficient and put my mind at ease

    11 Oct 2021
    Catherine L. Avatar
    Catherine L.

    Been using services with this company for some time now. Always professional, courteous and informative. Very pleased with the service and highly recommend.

    11 Oct 2021
  • Jo Avatar

    We’ve been having AllState Pest Control come to inspect the white ant baits around our home …they installed them too
    The service staff in attendance are always prompt courteous and friendly
    Efficient with the work they need to perform and neat and tidy
    We’re very pleased the baiting system has been clear on each inspection and would recommend the business as whole for any pest control problems you need to contend with

    11 Oct 2021
    Peter A. Avatar
    Peter A.
    positive review 

    I highly recommend Shane, nice guy, on time and very professional work.

    09 Oct 2021
    Josie G. Avatar
    Josie G.
    positive review 

    Highly recommend Brad, great communication, very thorough and explained the job so I could understand. Very happy with the service received.

    06 Oct 2021
  • Josie G. Avatar
    Josie G.

    Highly recommend Brad, great communication, very thorough and explained the job so I could understand. Very happy with the service received.

    05 Oct 2021
    Vicki H. Avatar
    Vicki H.

    Travis had been helpful and thoughtful in his delivery information about pest control due to my cancer and worry about chemicals inside the unit and around the property.

    Thank you Travis for doing a wonderful job and taking the time to hear me.

    I have been using Statewide Pest Control for many years and will continue to do so their operations have been efficient and effective for me.

    29 Sep 2021
    Gemma R. Avatar
    Gemma R.

    Allstate have always been our go to for pest control. They have helped us at various homes with possums, termites and wasps. Highly recommend the team!

    29 Sep 2021
  • Natalie “. Avatar
    Natalie “.

    The person that attended my house for pest control was on time, very friendly, and also made me feel confident with the treatment he was providing for a mice issue.

    Would recommend again!

    24 Sep 2021
    Don M. Avatar
    Don M.
    positive review 

    Informative, friendly, timely service, would recommend!

    22 Sep 2021
    Karl R. Avatar
    Karl R.

    The guys were very friendly and helpful with getting rid of the bees.

    20 Sep 2021
  • Stewart H. Avatar
    Stewart H.
    positive review 

    very professional in all aspects of the job.
    it's a shame Murray is retiring he was first class.

    13 Sep 2021
    Keith N. Avatar
    Keith N.

    Excellent, technician was friendly and explained everything they did. Was extremely thorough. Would recommend allstate pest everytime.

    09 Sep 2021
    Nicole R. Avatar
    Nicole R.
    positive review 

    Fantastic fast and efficient service! I had my house sprayed for spiders today and will definitely call you again next time!

    31 Aug 2021
  • Carrie R. Avatar
    Carrie R.
    positive review 

    I would highly recommend Allstate pest control.very good service and Brad was very informative and efficient.

    26 Aug 2021
    Raymond W. Avatar
    Raymond W.

    Murray was very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. I have used Allstate Pest Control's services in the past and highly recommend Allstate Pest Control as they Conduct themselves very professionally. I will use them again in the future for any inspections or pest issues.

    23 Aug 2021
    Michael J. Avatar
    Michael J.
    positive review 

    A great service, inspection was very thorough as well as informative.
    Highly recommend them.

    30 Jul 2021
  • Denise Z. Avatar
    Denise Z.

    I was referred to Allstate from a friend initially for termites. From first contact to end result they were amazing. Friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and thorough. They followed up and made sure all was well. Then shortly after I had a rodent issues which again staff came out and were amazing and patient with me. Thanks to you all. Will definitely recommend you.

    09 Jul 2021
    Karen H. Avatar
    Karen H.

    Technician was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He was also respectful of our personal space and contents.

    05 Jul 2021
    Viv C. Avatar
    Viv C.

    B was very professional, courteous, friendly and thorough. Answered any questions, most informative.
    Great with our pets as well.

    05 Jul 2021
  • George H. Avatar
    George H.

    Brady was exceptionally professional and courteous. His extensive knowledge and experience gave us great comfort that our uninvited guests in our roof would not be visiting again. Brady is a great ambassador for Allstate and will be the main reason that I will only call Allstate for my future needs.

    02 Jun 2021
    Sue B. Avatar
    Sue B.

    The lovely young man who attended my job was professional knowledgeable amiable polite well spoken efficient helpful. I would absolutely recommend this business to everybody for their inspections and pest treatments. Not only do they turn up on time and communicate a small change in the timeline that is to say that they were early which worked great for me but the detail and thorough in depth inspection and treatment was carried out to a level/standard which absolutely exceeded my expectations. Being honest I was fully prepared as a female to be somewhat disregarded based on previous experience with other providers however to my Delight there was no gender bias in the delivery at all I was treated with courtesy dignity and respect. The only feedback I can give to the company would be tap and go payment is far more comfortable for the customer in this case me as opposed to typing in my card number to pay my bill everything else top rank number one in the country good job well done

    29 May 2021
    Darren E. Avatar
    Darren E.
    positive review 

    Great friendly and honest staff, Murray is so friendly and helpful. Highly recommend

    24 May 2021

Adelaide’s Best Cockroach Control Company

Why Allstate Adelaide cockroach control?

Targeted and highly effective cockroach treatments

Industry-leading warranties

Emergency cockroach control available

Covering all suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia

How Allstate cockroach control works

Allstate’s cockroach pest control is cost-effective and guaranteed to work because we focus on where cockroaches live, breed and feed. Our cockroach removal service uses any combination of the following methods:

  • Applying cockroach control dust to any voids in the infested areas
  • Applying treated zones containing a cockroach control insecticide to the perimeters of the building
  • Applying cockroach control gel baits to areas where cockroaches love to feed
  • Applying aerosol flushing insecticide to harbourage areas

Emergency cockroach control

If you need us urgently we provide an emergency service where we respond within 24 hours and usually much sooner.

Reporting and warranties

All cockroach control services come with a Pest Control Inspection and Service report to ensure all services are performed to our high standards. They also allow us to back up everything we do with the best warranties in the industry.

Our expert team is ready to help you now

Frequently Asked Questions about cockroaches

What diseases do cockroaches spread?

Cockroaches are a serious health risk in and around your home, due to the fact they feed from sources such as sewers, drains and garage areas. This brings them in contact with disease organisms including salmonella and other organisms associated with dysentery, typhoid, hepatitis and tuberculosis.

Why can’t I see all the cockroaches in my home?

Cockroaches are nocturnal so they are rarely seen during the day unless the infestation is heavy. They harbour in cracks and crevices in cockroach hot spots such as kitchens and laundries.

How do I get rid of cockroaches?

The most common way to get rid of cockroaches is through baits and insecticides that affect the whole colony. It’s important these are applied correctly in the right locations, which is why we recommend professional treatment.

Is cockroach pest control safe?

At Allstate Pest Control Adelaide our pesticides insecticides are all safe for children, pets and the environment. You may need to take precautions immediately following the treatment to ensure its effectiveness, and your cockroach pest control technician will advise you on this.

Adelaide’s Best Cockroach Control Company

Industry Leading

Skills & Technology

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