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Are you dealing with pests or concerned about termites? We have you covered. Our pest control for homes across greater Adelaide is highly effective and safe for children and pets.

Fast-acting treatments
At Allstate Pest Control Adelaide, we are always staying at the forefront of new pest control technology. This keeps us up to date with the most effective treatments that will work quickly while also being non-toxic to people and pets.

Cost-effective solutions
We keep pest control efficient by targeting the areas that pests live and breed. This means we can limit the use of pesticides and insecticides and keep costs down for you. Our friendly technicians are also happy to help find the best solution to suit your budget.

Money back guarantee
To make doubly sure you’re satisfied with our service, all treatments are backed by re-treatment warranties and a money back guarantee – meaning if you’re not satisfied by any of our pest control services, we provide corrective service for not extra charge.

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Keeping pests out of your home

Pests are unhygienic, a health hazard and cause damage to your house and garden. While you can prevent pests to some extent by keeping things well maintained and practicing good food hygiene, sometimes you will need to get the help of an Adelaide pest control professional.

Sometimes people are worried about pest control being toxic or harmful because of the use of pesticides. Fortunately, pest control has come a long way over the years to allow us to use safe, environmentally friendly control and treatment methods that won’t affect you, your family or pets. At Allstate Pest Control in particular, our pest control is also targeted – only using pesticides in the areas that pests live and breed so that we can keep their use to a minimum.

What to expect when you get pest control

If you’re booking professional pest control for the first time, be assured it’s a straightforward process. Here’s what to expect:

1. Pest inspection
The pest control tech will start with a thorough inspection of your property and they will ask you to point out where you have noticed any pests. They will look for the pests’ dwelling and breeding sites and assess if there is a risk of infestation based on the surrounding environment. Once this is completed they will tell you what they found and recommend the best course of prevention or treatment.

2. Pest treatment
Depending on what we found in the inspection, your treatment may be limited to specific areas where the pest lives or breeds, or it may be a broader treatment across your home or property. We use a variety of techniques and pesticides depending on the pest and the location and level of infestation.

3. Documentation and follow up
On completion we will go over everything we have done and provide a report outlining the treatment. We will advise you on how to prevent future infestations and any check-ups or follow-up treatments you may need. All Allstate Pest Control Adelaide technicians are friendly and helpful and will happily answer all your questions.

If you’re not satisfied with any of our pest control services, we will provide corrective service for no extra charge – or refund you if you are still not happy after 30 days.

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24-Hours, 7 Days

Ultra-fast Response!

100% Satisfaction

Money back guarantee

Industry Leading

Skills & Technology







  • Kerry M. Avatar
    Kerry M.
    positive review 

    Allstate’s staff are always thorough and let you know what they’re doing. They chase you up too which is helpful

    15 May 2021
    Stewart B. Avatar
    Stewart B.
    positive review 

    Efficient and very friendly , happy to explain the situation, would highly recommend

    22 Apr 2021
    Amy W. Avatar
    Amy W.

    After purchasing our home and finding some damage to our wooden floor boards I organised a Termite inspection. Josh who did our inspection was nothing short of amazing. He was so thorough and also spent the time to explain damage and issues with our home that we should have looked at. He spent an extra 2 hours than he was supposed to, to ensure every inch of the house was checked thoroughly. I couldn't recommend this company or Josh highly enough!

    21 Apr 2021
  • Terry D. Avatar
    Terry D.

    I have used All state Pest Control twice in nine months. The services provided were completed professionally , efficiently and at reasonable cost. All of the staff involved in the work have been fantastic. Highly recommended. Terry Dittmar.

    20 Apr 2021
    Bean E. Avatar
    Bean E.
    positive review 

    Always professional Nice men and on time. Pleasant to talk with

    19 Apr 2021
    Donna O. Avatar
    Donna O.

    Allstate have been keeping an eye on my place for many years now. They are friendly, polite and provide feedback after they have been. I highly recommend them to everyone.

    13 Apr 2021
  • Greg K. Avatar
    Greg K.
    positive review 

    Good honest friendly Quote Two installers came today prompt quick installation sight left clean and tidy

    09 Apr 2021
    Gary H. Avatar
    Gary H.
    positive review 

    Very happy. It’s a pleasure to have people do work for you who know their trade and do the work professionally

    06 Apr 2021
    David J. Avatar
    David J.
    positive review 

    Quick response
    Polite, customer service friendly
    Dealt with problem efficiently
    Good value for money

    15 Mar 2021
  • Jan L. Avatar
    Jan L.
    positive review 

    We would like to say that the lads that came and did the work were great Very friendly and explained everything they were doing. Cutting, spraying and dusting.
    Also we would like to say Kristian was just as friendly

    Thanks for every body for the service

    10 Mar 2021
    Dave M. Avatar
    Dave M.
    positive review 

    Allstate is the only termite control company that we would ever consider doing business with. They are friendly fast and efficient. Murray is the man who always looks after us and he is like a member of the family, we are always in capable hands with Allstate

    20 Feb 2021
    Sonya R. Avatar
    Sonya R.

    Brad was efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. He went about his work in a very professional manner despite extreme heat conditions. Brad was very particular about the quality of his work and cleaned up after himself beautifully. He gets bonus points for being so wonderful to my two dogs all day. 10/10

    19 Feb 2021
  • Sylvia H. Avatar
    Sylvia H.
    positive review 

    Excellent customer service, very thorough and professional. Had treatment for spiders and cockroaches and no awful odour. Would definitely recommend Allstate pest control.

    15 Feb 2021
    Di F. Avatar
    Di F.
    positive review 

    The service Luke provided was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend this local South Australian business.

    09 Feb 2021
    Sarina H. Avatar
    Sarina H.
    positive review 

    Jose from Allstate Pest Control recently sprayed our home, and we were impressed by his promptness, thoroughness, and professionalism. Jose treated our house like his own, getting into every small corner whilst being respectful of our plants and home. He even returned items like mats and bins that he had to move! We are certainly calling Jose next time we need creepy-crawlies gone from our house and would highly recommend to our friends and family.

    29 Jan 2021
  • Jeffrey E. Avatar
    Jeffrey E.
    positive review 

    Prompt, friendly, efficient service

    25 Jan 2021
    Linda W. Avatar
    Linda W.
    positive review 

    Murray remained at least 1.5m distance when our paths crossed during his station checks (I was working in the back garden near the house) which he carried out efficiently & in a timely fashion. He was wearing appropriate PPE. Murray re-closed the two access gates he needed to use. Same service as usual, excellent!

    22 Jan 2021
    Violet W. Avatar
    Violet W.
    positive review 

    SA company,friendly service, very professional,Dave was fantastic very efficient,highly recommended ..thank you once again

    19 Jan 2021
  • Tania S. Avatar
    Tania S.

    We were addressed straight away from phone call. They treated us with urgency knowing we had wasps in home. We were quoted the price beforehand and had someone out to treat the home that afternoon . They were professional, caring and value for money .

    15 Jan 2021
    E M. Avatar
    E M.

    We had alot of spiders and bugs coming out with the warmer weather. A very professional service and they turned up on time. The effect was immediate and we are thus far very pleased with the results. We will definitely be recommending to family and friends and using them again in future. Very pleased!!

    14 Jan 2021
    Brooke J. Avatar
    Brooke J.
    positive review 

    Such peace of mind. Great service and quality work.

    06 Jan 2021
  • Colleen M. Avatar
    Colleen M.
    positive review 

    I have had All State Pest Control to my home for termite treatment and inspection for a few years now and found them to be very thorough with the work, prompt, and courteous . All the questions are answered fully. Brad has done the underfloor spraying for us today ,he was efficient and everything tidied up afterwards. We are very happy with the service from this company.

    05 Jan 2021
    Dion D. Avatar
    Dion D.

    A big thank you to the team at Allstate Pest Control. Easy booking process, quick turnaround time and great professional service supplied by technician Simeon. Would not hesitate to book again in the future or recommend to others. Thanks again, Dion.

    17 Dec 2020
    Heather N. Avatar
    Heather N.

    Allstate were professional and left the premises neat and tidy after the inspection. I had recently bought the house and they were able to provide me with the previous treatment history, had knowledge of the inspection points and just provided a totally hassle free service, just what I needed. I will certainly continue to use them and thoroughly recommend them to anyone.

    15 Dec 2020

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