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About Allstate’s Preconstruction Division

Allstate’s dedicated preconstruction division gives builders priority access to termite protection services – allowing them to safeguard their reputation from termite issues whilst keeping the construction process running smoothly.

Our building services division is headed up by licenced builder and pest controller Aaron Thompson, so you can be confident we have the expertise for almost any situation.

Protecting South Australian homes since 1986, we have a strong understanding of termite behaviour and South Australian construction methods. Our termite management systems use a range of premium products and application methods to make sure homes and commercial buildings are getting the best protection possible.

Our termite protection services include Kordon Termite Barriers by Bayer, concrete curing and slab edge moisture protection.

If you’re not satisfied with any of our pest control services, we will provide corrective service for no extra charge – or refund you if you are still not happy after 30 days.

Termite Control Products

Kordon Termite Barrier

Kordon is a repellent termite barrier installed around a building to minimise the chance of a termite infestation. It is made in Adelaide and backed Bayer, one of the world’s largest environmental science companies. Kordon has been extensively tested by the CSIRO and evaluated to have a durability and design life of 50 years, in line with the building life expectancy deemed by the Australian Buildings Code Board. Some of the key features of Kordon include:

  • Flexibility
  • Suitable for all building applications
  • Allergen-free and non-hazardous

Kordon comprises of polyester webbing containing a synthetic pyrethroid called deltamethrin. It is laminated between two UV stable low-density polyethylene plastic sheets.

How Kordon Works

Kordon is installed where termites may attempt to gain access into a building. The deltamethrin is highly repellent to termites and they will avoid close contact with it, instead seeking cellulose elsewhere or going around the Kordon whilst building their mud tubes. These will be detected during an inspection by a qualified timber pest inspector, who can then take steps to eliminate the termite colony before they can cause major damage.

When Kordon is not installed, termites can gain concealed access to buildings for long period of time, resulting in significant and expensive damage.

Kordon Warranties

Each home that has Kordon installed is protected by the Limited Kordon Product Warranty, which covers the home for termite entry and damage in the case the Kordon Termite Barrier has been proven to fail.

Bayer, Kordon’s manufacturer, also offers Australia’s most comprehensive termite protection system – the Bayer Protection Program. If the building owner chooses to activate this, they will be protected by Bayer’s exclusive $1m warranty, covering all remedial action and repair should termites gain access to the home within the warranty period.

Kordon Termite Barrier

Adelaide Kordon Termite Barrier, Guaranteed!

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Building Services

Side Slab Moisture Protection
Side slab moisture protection minimises the risk of slab edge dampness by installing a waterproofing compound around the entire house slab. If concrete is not waterproofed, slab edge dampness can cause efflorescence (similar to salt damp), internal moisture issues, and can encourage termite activity.
Moisture Barrier Products

Allstate uses Ardex WPM 300, Deep Cure, Xypex Concentrate and Homeguard Protectacote.

  • Ardex WPM 300 – Ardex WPM 300 is a two-component water-based epoxy moisture barrier, which prevents slab edge dampness and efflorescence. It has excellent adhesion and can be applied to freshly laid concrete.
  • Deep Cure – Deep Cure is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odourless water-based compound. Deep Cure penetrates into the surface of the slab and reacts with the free alkaline in the concrete, forming a gel that prevents water migrating into or out of the slab.
  • Homeguard Protectacote – HomeGuard Protectacote is a waterproof and termite resistant barrier used around the perimeter of new slab-onground structures and extensions to existing structures. HomeGuard Protectacote is an acrylic polymer latex composition with a high loading of inorganic fillers. On curing, it forms a tough, flexible, termite resistant and waterproof film. Its active ingredient is Bifenthrin.
  • Xypex Concentrate – Xypex Concentrate is a chemically active waterproofing compound. It stops water from penetrating its surface by causing a catalytic reaction that produces a non-soluble crystalline formation within the pores of the concrete.
Concrete Curing

Concrete curing is the process of controlling moisture loss after concrete is poured, to reduce the risk of cracking and maximize the concrete’s strength and durability. Reducing cracking will also ensure the slab’s efficacy as a termite barrier.

Appropriate curing methods are highly recommended when there is low humidity, strong winds and/or the temperature exceeds 26°C.

  • Concrete Curing Products – Allstate use Rendacure, a water-based curing compound which is sprayed or rolled directly onto freshly laid concrete. Rendacure dries clear, is wax and solvent free and will not affect after trades.
Concrete Repairs

We provide repairs for cracks, tie holes and other defects in concrete.

  • Concrete Repair Products – Allstate uses XYPEX PATCH’N PLUG, a specially designed hydraulic cement compound for concrete patching and repair. It is fast-setting, non-shrink, and high-bond-strength. We also use a range of Ardex Products designed for different uses. These products are a high-strength, rapid setting two-part system to repair concrete

Our Preconstruction Team

Aaron Thompson

Preconstruction Manager

Our preconstruction division is led by licenced builder Aaron Thompson. Aaron started his career as a carpenter, is a registered supervisor and has over 22 years of experience in the building industry as well as his full pest control license. Aaron is your main point of contact and is committed to providing quality solutions and highly responsive service to all our construction clients.

0437 296 372

Sangha Chau

Technical Manager

Our on-site team of technicians is led by Sangha Chau. Sangha came to us from the automotive industry in 2015 and has since become an industry leader in Kordon installation, as well as being certified in waterproofing and side slab moisture protection. Sangha’s unwaveringly positive attitude, skill and dedication to any task makes him a model team member and the envy of all our other departments.

Samuel Saundres

Senior Technician

Sam also came to us from the automotive industry and had his own mechanic workshop before joining Allstate in 2016. Since joining our team Sam has become an expert in Kordon installation and is highly skilled in concrete repair such as tie holes, faulty construction joints and honeycombing. Sam’s communication skills, ability to solve problems and unquenchable thirst for knowledge make him a vital member of our team.

Ashanti Furze

Administration Assistant

Whilst finishing a degree in psychology, Ashanti joined the Allstate family to assist with the administration side of our fast-growing preconstruction team. She looks after a lot of behind the scenes work that allows us to deliver our renowned customer service, including safety induction, communications, scheduling, warranty processing and general customer service. Ashanti takes pride in everything she does and has excellent attention to detail. Eager to learn and not afraid of hard work, Ashanti has become the engine room of our team.

08 8371 1277
  • Dianne V. Avatar
    Dianne V.
    positive review 

    Very good service from Adam.
    He was very thorough and pleasant to deal with.
    Well done!

    02 Dec 2020
    Debbie C. Avatar
    Debbie C.

    I have used this company for over 10 years and I have always found them to be professional. The technician, Murray, has always been professional, punctual, friendly and trustworthy. I am very happy with their service.

    01 Dec 2020
    Brooke C. Avatar
    Brooke C.
    positive review 

    We have had Allstate coming out for years and would highly recommend, they answer all of your questions and have always met our requirements, from termites to spraying our ants !

    30 Nov 2020
  • Kerrie H. Avatar
    Kerrie H.
    positive review 

    Very professional & courteous

    28 Nov 2020
    Caroline R. Avatar
    Caroline R.
    positive review 

    Very professional, friendly, reliable and informative.
    From reception to delivery. Braidie was a pleasure to deal with. He recommended a number of options and really cares to guarantee a successful job. He took time to answer all of our questions and provide peace of mind. Very friendly! We recommend Allstate Pest Control anytime! Thank you for delivering the great service that you do!

    27 Nov 2020
    Julie M. Avatar
    Julie M.
    positive review 

    I found their representative David, to be courteous, very efficient and knowledgeable

    27 Nov 2020
  • Nicole R. Avatar
    Nicole R.

    Friendly staff, happy to answer any questions, on time. Our experience with Allstate was very enjoyable. Adam was fantastic the day he came out to inspect our house and was happy to explain anything that I didn't understand and happily worked around our toddler. We had our stations installed a week later, and the guys were on time and I was able to leave them there unsupervised. The technician came out today to inspect the stations and he was very efficient, which is what I like. Thanks guys

    25 Nov 2020
    Beverley L. Avatar
    Beverley L.
    positive review 

    Shane was very efficient and thorough with his work and Nick who did our gutter guard has awesome attention to detail. The gutter guard looks amazing and will keep us pest free for years to come !!

    20 Nov 2020
    Stephen d. Avatar
    Stephen d.
    positive review 

    Mark from Allstate Pest Control did a Termite Inspection to our house. He arrived on time and was very professional. He did a great job and was very efficient. He was also nice to talk to. Gave us a partial verbal report and sent a copy of the report of the inspection as well. He also gave us an advise on what signs to look out for which showed that he’s really knowledgeable of what he does. Highly recommended not just the company but Mark as well.

    18 Nov 2020
  • stephen08ism Avatar

    Mark from Allstate Pest Control did a Termite Inspection to our house. He arrived on time and was very professional. He did a great job and was very efficient. He was also nice to talk to. Gave us a partial verbal report and sent a copy of the report of the inspection as well. He also gave us an advise on what signs to look out for which showed that he’s really knowledgeable of what he does. Highly recommended not just the company but Mark as well.

    18 Nov 2020
    Max A. Avatar
    Max A.

    Rob and Kyle did a 110m install of the Sentricon system around my property. They were courteous, efficient and hard working. Rob’s knowledge was very good. I was very impressed.

    17 Nov 2020
    Bobbie L. Avatar
    Bobbie L.
    positive review 

    Very professional, courteous and informative team Doesn’t matter which servicemen has come to my home,
    all have been terrific, would highly recommend

    12 Nov 2020
  • Creativeo S. Avatar
    Creativeo S.
    positive review 

    Murray is a legendary Pest Controller. Love his work, love Allstate's work. KEEP IT UP GUYS! 💪🍻

    11 Nov 2020
    Andy B. Avatar
    Andy B.

    I had a bait station check today. Murray my regular Allstate representative arrived promptly at the prearranged time, greeted me courteously, and was efficient in checking the stations. I was again impressed by his friendliness and his communication with me regarding the state of the traps and in concluding the visit. Typical good service from Allstate.👍

    09 Nov 2020
    Swamy P. Avatar
    Swamy P.
    positive review 

    The Technician knows what he supposed to do and explains clearly the process.
    All good

    02 Nov 2020
  • Candy G. Avatar
    Candy G.
    positive review 

    The technician was very true n honest with his advice n work.
    Were very punctual n on time n clean with his work .
    Manner was warm n friendly .

    Loved the fact they would send out a reminder every year . 👌🏼

    30 Oct 2020
    Karen T. Avatar
    Karen T.
    positive review 

    These guys have been great! Very professional and understanding when attending to termite treatment. They’ve also been very accomodating in answering my many questions too

    26 Oct 2020
    James A. Avatar
    James A.
    positive review 

    Great customer experience 5*****

    23 Oct 2020
  • Margaret M. Avatar
    Margaret M.
    positive review 

    friendly man came on time and did a good job

    23 Oct 2020
    Trev S. Avatar
    Trev S.
    positive review 

    They are professional and friendly

    20 Oct 2020
    Anastasia S. Avatar
    Anastasia S.

    Very professional as Mathew, the Pest Controller, was able to answer all my questions well - very knowledgeable about the chemicals used in the spray.

    09 Oct 2020
  • michelle r. Avatar
    michelle r.

    Very professional. Kept communication lines open. Left my house clean and tidy.

    09 Oct 2020
    Debbie S. Avatar
    Debbie S.
    positive review 

    Definitely recommend Allstate pest control- from the lovely, friendly very helpful Belinda taking my call to the on time, also very nice Adam who got rid of my bees that took up residence in my house.
    i can't thank you enough. 10/10

    04 Oct 2020
    Sally B. Avatar
    Sally B.

    They were running a bit late but txt to let me know. Friendly staff. Got the problem sorted very quickly. Very happy that I chose this business and I would recommend them.

    03 Oct 2020

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