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At Allstate Pest Control we understand the importance of ensuring our Builder Clients reputation isn’t damaged by termite attack and also the need for priority access to service to keep the construction process running smoothly.

We have a dedicated Pre-Construction Division headed up by Aaron Thompson a Licensed Builder with a carpentry trade, construction supervision experience and a Full Pest Controllers License giving you peace of mind that we understand what you need.

We understand termite behaviour and South Australian construction methods. We have been safely and effectively protecting South Australian homes from termite attack for over two decades. To protect these homes and commercial project we use a range of premium products and application methods to ensure the Termite Management Systems installed gives your customer to best protection possible.

Our offering includes Termite Protection using Kordon Termite Barrier the Premium Termite Barrier made in Adelaide by Bayer and Pre-Treatment Spray, we also perform Concrete Curing and Slab Edge Moisture Protection, ensuring we are a one stop shop.

Committed to Quality we are Audited by SAI Global Annually to the ISO9001 with all our Pest Control Services for Property Managers backed by the best Warranty’s in the business giving you peace of mind.

If you’re not satisfied with any of our pest control services, we will provide corrective service for no extra charge – or refund you if you are still not happy after 30 days.

Kordon Treated Zones

Kordon is a non-repellant termiticide suited to South Australian construction methods and environmental conditions. When termites pass through the Kordon “Treated Zone”, they stop feeding, become disorientated, cease grooming and begin to neglect their environment. Soon, naturally occurring fungi and micro organisms in the soil take their toll, with the termites becoming fatally diseased and then die.

All of this takes place with minimal environmental impact. Although Kordon is lethal to termites, its specific mode of action is non-hazardous for humans, pets, and wildlife.

Kordon Termite Barrier

Adelaide Kordon Termite Barrier, Guaranteed!
What is Kordon Termite Barrier?
Kordon is made in Adelaide and backed Bayer one of the world’s largest Environmental Science companies. Kordon has been extensively tested by the CSIRO and has been evaluated to have a durability and design life of 50 years in-line with the life expectancy of a building as deemed by the Australian Buildings Code Board. Some of the key features of Kordon are it is flexible and suited to all building applications, allergen-free and non-hazardous.
What is Kordon Made of?

Kordon comprises polyester webbing containing deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid and laminated between two UV stable low-density polyehylene plastic sheets.

How does Kordon Work?
Kordon is installed where termites may attempt to gain access into a building. The deltamethrin in Kordon is highly repellent to termites and they will avoid close contact with it. Where Kordon is installed the termites will seek cellulose elsewhere or seek to go around the Kordon. When seeking to go around the Kordon the termites will build their mud tubes which will be detected during an inspection by a suitably qualified Timber Pest Inspector. Steps can then be taken to eliminate the termite colony before significant damage can be done. When termites get concealed access, such as when Kordon is not installed, access is gained for a long period resulting in significant and expensive damage.
Bayer Protection Warranty
Bayer offers Australia’s most comprehensive termite protection system, the Bayer Protection Program. If you choose to activate and be covered by the Bayer Protection Program, you will be protected by our exclusive $1m warranty. Unlike many other warranties, this will ensure that remedial action and repair will be completely managed by Bayer if termites happen to gain access to your home and cause damage within the warranty period. This warranty is renewable annually for the life of the structure.

Limited Kordon Product Warranty
Each home that has Kordon installed is protected by the Limited Kordon Product Warranty.

The Limited Kordon Product Warranty covers your home for termite entry and damage, which occurs only if the Kordon Termite Barrier has been proven to fail, as evidenced by termites having entered the building by penetrating the Kordon barrier.

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    Great service and professional technicians. Punctual and polite. Would recommend.

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    Very impressed with Allstate. Technician Matthew was kind,efficient and professional. A very thorough service addressing my concerns. I will recommend Allstate to friends, family and colleagues.

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    Mark arrived on time, explained what process he would be undertaking which he did professionally. He was also very informative & friendly with his reporting & knew his stuff with any questions I had. Great job Mark & Allstate.

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    Adam provided great service. Looked around my shop carefully and went through everything step by step. He also explained us what he was doing and how its going to help us. I would recommend them to anyone!

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    South Australian Company friendly helpful staff & stress free service. And as a pensioner being able to pay on time payments direct to Company & no administration fees added makes it stress free. I would recommend Allstate Pest Control for prompt & friendly service.

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    wow factor! Bumped into the boss Christian at a mutual friends business and asked advice about my pest issue, got straight on the phone and was able to squeeze me in same day in 1 hours time. Very helpful lad looked for issues in my roof and laundry area with professionalism and keen enthusiasm. Problem seems solved and hopefully resolved long term. Will use again and recommend to family and friends.

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    From inquiring, through booking and completing the job, everything was a breeze with Allstate Pest Control.
    Very happy with the level of professionalism and knowledge shown by Brady who came in and completed rodent control service.
    Will definitely be recommending your services to others.
    Keep up the good work!

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    Have been using Allstate Pest Control for termite monitoring for several years now. We have the Sentricon Always Active Termite Management System installed. The stations are monitored regularly for any termite activity. They have always been professional and punctual for inspection appointments. Would certainly recommend their services.

    08 May 2020
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    Adam was the technician for the second round of treatment for ants and lawn beetles. He was punctual, friendly and very thorough. he took me round both gardens and showed me what he had done and also left me with some fully prepared any cafes, in case i ever got ants inside my home.
    Great service! highly recommend!

    07 May 2020
    Kirsty B. Avatar
    Kirsty B.

    Adam was the technician for the second round of treatment for ants and lawn beetles. He was punctual, friendly and very thorough. he took me round both gardens and showed me what he had done and also left me with some fully prepared any cafes, in case i ever got ants inside my home.
    Great service! highly recommend!

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    Shane was punctual, informative and polite. He knew what he was doing and tracked down the inch ant nest I couldn’t find. I would use Allstate again - but hope I don’t need to! JH

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    Easy and reliable checks for your home. Easy to book... no pressure sales. The pest chap arrived on time, was efficient and very helpful 🙂

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    I started to see some spiders and tiny crawlers come out of my house and knew it was time to get pest control. I googled just as you did and went with the best reviewed company and now I can say I am very happy with the service. Brady was very thorough with our house and talked me through everything he was going to spray and informed me about everything. I feel very satisfied with the job done and now peaceful the insect problem is solved. Thank you allstate pest control!

    16 Mar 2020
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    James F.

    Have had Allstate take over my Termite control on my rental property about 6months who. Can’t recommend them enough as they thoroughly explain the reports they send through and explain what action you need to take. Customer service has been fantastic and we are also getting on top of the issue. Fantastic to deal with!

    13 Feb 2020
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    I definitely would recommend Allstate Pest Control -I have found them all to be very professional and always on time. I have always had Murray who is very punctual, friendly and very helpful with any questions I may have.

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    friendly workers, timely visits, flexible

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