As the name suggests, subterranean termites mainly move about underground and so it’s rare for people to spot one. As a result most people know very little about these silently destructive insects, which is why we very often get questions like “Can termites eat hardwood?”. or “Can I use a DIY termite treatment?

In our opinion, it’s essential everyone knows the basics about termites, so we’ve put together a few myths and facts to help you expand your knowledge

1. Can termites eat hardwood?

Yes. People in Adelaide often think hardwood is safe from termites, but the opposite is true. The majority of termites actually prefer hardwood over softwood, even though it takes them a little longer to eat and process.

2. Do termites live out in the open?

No. Subterranean termites (the termite common in Adelaide) travel through tunnels known as mud tubes which they make out of their own excrement and saliva. Termites need a high level of humidity to survive which is why they don’t venture out into the open.

3. Do termites eat 24 hours a day?

Yes. The majority of a termite colony consists of workers who work day and night eating wood to provide food for the colony.


4. If your house has been treated for termites, will you ever need another inspection?

Yes. Termites can and will return to the area, so it’s important you keep up with annual inspections to stop them at the very earliest sign.

5. Do DIY termite treatments work?

No. DIY treatments are highly inadvisable for a couple of reasons. First, DIY treatment chemicals aren’t anywhere near strong enough. Second, even with the right chemicals, only a professional is experienced enough to properly target infested areas without putting you and your family in danger.

6. Are termites easy to spot?

No. Once you have a heavy infestation it’s possible you’ll notice hollow sounding walls on small piles of insect wings but it’s almost impossible to know there’s a young colony in your house without a professional inspection.

7. Do black ants eat termites?

Yes. Black ants can attack and eat termites if given the opportunity, however this is rare: termites are rarely hanging around above ground with black ants, instead sticking to their mud tubes and the insides of your walls.

8. Do steel-framed houses stop termites?

No. Fortunately termites can’t eat steel so. steel-framed houses certainly aren’t as susceptible to attack. However termites can still feed on any other timber parts of the house such as window frames, floor boards, fixed timber furnishings and timber fences and pergolas.


So, how is your termite knowledge?

Are you a budding termite inspector, much less informed than you would like, or somewhere between the two? Let us know how many of these you already knew and if there were any that surprised you.

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