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Schools are breeding grounds for pests of many shapes and sizes, but managing pests in schools shouldn’t come at the cost of children and staff’s health and safety.

That’s why integrated pest management is so important. This is a prevention-first approach that hones in on areas where pests live and breed, so you can halt pest problems before they even start and avoid riskier exterminations.

Allstate are leaders in integrated pest management through our Routine Pest Prevention Program. This is designed to keep schools and educational facilities ahead of pests with minimal disruption to day-to-day activities. It includes personalised plans, dedicated pest control teams, and up-to-date technology, making pest control for your school efficient and easy.

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Integrated pest management

Integrated pest management is a strategic approach to pest management; it uses knowledge of their behaviour to control them proactively with the least possible harm to people and the environment. Given the safety considerations in an educational environment, it’s the best choice for effective treatment with minimal chemicals.
Allstate’s Routine Pest Program uses integrated pest management to ensure highly effective, safe, and long-term pest control in school settings.

It consists of four main steps.

Step 1: Pest Inspection

Your trained pest control technician will perform a comprehensive inspection to understand your school’s individual needs, including:

  • The layout and design of buildings and grounds
  • The school’s daily operation and how each space is used
  • Assessing areas of potential pest dwelling and entry points
  • An in-depth understanding of food areas (e.g. tuckshops, cafeterias, and staff kitchens)
  • Analysing previous pest reports
  • Examining the local environment for additional risk factors

Step 2: Assigned a Pest Control Officer & Team

After your inspection, you will be assigned a responsible officer and pest control team, who fully understand your school and its unique pest control needs.

Step 3: Provided with a Personalised Program

Allstate use the knowledge gained from the initial inspection to create a personalised pest management program designed for your environment.

This plan is an in-depth resource for both your facility and your pest control team and can include:

  • Building and maintenance exclusion practices
  • Guidance on housekeeping and sanitation for students and teachers
  • Advice for suppliers entering the premises
  • Information on future pest inspections
  • Control methods
  • Advice for managing the surrounding natural environment to reduce risk

Step 4: Allstate Online Access

Allstate Online gives you control and oversight of your school’s pest control 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can use it to access all your pest management details and compliance documentation, track and analyse trends, and directly communicate with your pest control technicians.

Safe for children

Your Allstate Routine Pest Management Program makes children and staff safety a number one priority. We only use APVMA approved pesticides and are certified to meet HAACP standards to control pests in food areas.

Allstate also employs various other safety measures, including:

  • Implementing a prevention-first approach, reducing the need for harsh chemicals and methods
  • Confining treatments to the smallest practical area for effective treatments
  • Avoiding treatment in areas readily accessible to children (e.g. playground equipment and sandpits)
  • Spraying in optimal conditions to avoid spray drift and undesirable environmental factors

24/7 online reporting

The Allstate Online Portal, makes it effortless to stay up to date on your pest management.
Through the portal, you can:

  • Access comprehensive details on your school’s pest control and prevention strategies
  • Communicate with your pest control team
  • Download and view service reports and risk management records
  • Upload images and documentation
  • View trend analysis
  • Easily download compliance documentation when needed for audits.

Flexible appointment times

Your Allstate pest control team work flexibly to ensure the utmost safety when providing services.

We follow Austrapest guidelines, and recommend that any pesticide treatments are applied during school holidays to minimise risk, or on Friday evenings or weekends.

Certifications & Compliance

For your peace of mind, Allstate team members are certified and compliant with Australian standards, including:

  • Food safety standard HACCP
  • Quality standard ISO 9001
  • SAI Global certified as a quality endorsed company
  • Licensed by the SA Government Department of Health
  • Active members of Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association

Emergency pest control

While Allstate believes preventative measures are the best approach for pest control, we understand that emergencies happen.

In the case of wasp swarms, sudden rodent infestations in food areas, the appearance of venomous spiders, and other emergencies, Allstate are ready 24/7 to offer urgent pest control.

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