Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy

Allstate Pest Control Pty. Ltd is dedicated to providing a premier pest management service for commercial, construction, industrial & domestic customers. In providing these services Allstate Pest Control believes that the environment, quality of products or services and the welfare of clients and employees rank equally with all other financial and operational considerations. The company claims an exclusions on design and development as it is not relevant to the service offering.
The company’s guiding philosophy is defined within the following principal objectives:

1. Client satisfaction – Clearly establish our clients’ needs and requirements, provide advice and on-time service that minimises disruption to our customers, communicate openly with the community and consistently meets clients’ expectations in a timely manner at competitive prices.

2. Competent, trained personnel – By communicating, consulting with, involving and continually developing dedicated, experienced and trained staff provide a courteous, honest, and professional service which places Allstate Pest Control as the premier pest management service company in South Australia.

3. Continuous improvement – Strategic business objectives, performance targets, plans and processes which are used and regularly audited or reviewed to improve and confirm the continuing adequacy, effectiveness & suitability of our business’s integrated management system.

4. Innovation – Being aware of, creating, innovating &/or implementing new technologies and treatment methodology, ensure our customers receive the very best pest control services while protecting the clients, employees & the environment from damage, harm, injury, illness or pollution.

5. Legal & industry compliance – Maintain compliance with and regularly monitor AEPMA, AS/NZS4801, ISO9001, 14001 standards, industry licensing conditions, relevant statutory & regulatory requirements.

6. Maximising opportunities, minimising risk and waste – Provide efficient planning & pest control processes that minimise waste in all activities, achieves our profit expectations, preserves the safety and environmental integrity of customer property and personnel in our care while also striving to eliminate the root causes of wasteful activities, incidents & preventing pollution.

7. Subcontractor & supplier management – Select contractors and suppliers that can demonstrate responsible and effective environmental, quality & WHS standards of product & service delivery.

Everyone is accountable for performance in their areas of responsibility and is assisted by being provided with instruction or information to improve knowledge. Any incident or opportunity for improvement identified by any Allstate Pest Control employee is to be reported.

Vasili Tsoutouras

Chief Executive Officer

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