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As a reputable distribution facility, you have high standards for your staff’s health and safety and the products you ship. With strongly enforced industry regulations – particularly around food distribution – it’s essential you have effective pest management strategies in place.

Our Routine Pest Prevention Program protects distribution facilities through leading integrated pest management systems. With a personalised plan, a dedicated pest control team, and advanced technology and methods, you can be confident in safe and effective pest management for your facility.

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Integrated pest management

Integrated pest management keeps you ahead of pests in your business. This industry-leading strategy uses up-to-date knowledge of pest behaviour to stop an infestation before it starts.
Allstate’s Routine Pest Program uses integrated pest management to ensure your distribution facility is always compliant with regulations. It also helps keep your staff, customers, and consumers safe from pests and risky pest treatments.

Step 1: Pest Inspection

For a successful integrated pest management plan, your pest controllers need a thorough understanding of your business. Allstate will undertake a comprehensive inspection of your distribution facility, which includes:

  • Understanding the layout and design of the building
  • Inspecting the premises for pest entry points and hiding areas
  • Checking transport vehicles, equipment, and loading docks
  • Understanding your distribution chain
  • Checking any previous pest reports
  • Current control methods (physical and chemical)
  • Examining the local environment for risk factors

Step 2: Pest Control Officer & Team

Following your pest inspection, Allstate will assign you a responsible officer and team. With a dedicated pest control officer, you can be confident that your strategy is handled with knowledge and expertise.

Step 3: Provided with a Unique Pest Management Program

With the information gained from your inspection, Allstate will design a pest management program. This is key to a successful integrated pest management plan, as it takes a personalised approach to managing pests in your business.

The plan can include:

  • Advice for staff on good hygiene and housekeeping practices
  • Future pest inspection frequency
  • Physical and chemical control methods
  • Advice for managing the surrounding environment
  • Warehouse maintenance and exclusion practices

Step 4: Access to Allstate Online

With 24/7 access to Allstate Online, you can effortlessly and efficiently manage your Allstate Routine Pest Prevention Program, including access to your pest management strategy, various tools, and compliance documentation.

Compliant pest management

Distribution centres, warehouses, and factories are a big part of the Australian consumer experience. As a South Australian owned business, we take the health and safety of the community seriously. We only use approved treatments and create pest control strategies with the health and safety of all as the greatest priority.

Your Routine Pest Prevention Program will ensure that your pest control meets all local laws and regulations. Your personalised plan will also be implemented by our highly trained pest controllers who are ISO 9001 certified and HACCP compliant.

24/7 online reporting

With Allstate Online, you can quickly and easily manage your pest control. With 24/7 access, you can stop pest problems at the very first sign, no matter what time of day it is.
Allstate Online also lets you:

  • Communicate with your pest control officer
  • Download and view reports and records
  • Access thorough details on your pest management plan
  • View trend analysis
  • Download compliance documents
  • Upload images and documentation

Flexible appointment times

We work flexibly to ensure pest treatment and control measures are implemented at the best time for you. That way you can minimise interruption to your operations and maintain the highest level of safety.

Certifications & Compliance

Allstate team members are certified and compliant with Australian standards, including:

  • Food safety standard HACCP
  • Quality standard ISO 9001
  • SAI Global certified as a quality endorsed company
  • Licensed by the SA Government Department of Health
  • Active members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association

Emergency pest control

With tight regulation of pest control in distribution facilities, sudden pest problems must be handled quickly. In the event of an emergency, the Allstate team are ready to take your call 24/7.

Our expert team is ready to help you now