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From zero pest to zero carbon

With many industries shifting towards greener business operations, it’s no surprise that Allstate Pest Control is following suit.

At Allstate, we aim to be carbon neutral by the end of 2025. To achieve this, we’ve taken steps to ensure that we operate in line with three underlying principles at the heart of everything we do.

Our mission is to provide pest control services that benefit our customers, our business and the overall community. Being mindful of our greater environmental impact means that we can bridge the gap between sustainability initiatives and pest control.

“I have a responsibility within Allstate, and potential influence in the greater industry.”

– Vasili Tsoutouras, General Manager Allstate Pest Control

Why sustainability is important to Allstate

Strongly inspired by family values and driven by a personal philotimo – to honour and maintain one’s responsibilities and duties, Vasili Tsoutouras, General Manager Allstate Pest Control, is fully committed to growing Allstate with sustainable mindset.

He has a vision that the pest control industry is eventually is actively conscious and

minimising its environmental impact. He understands that while the combined effect of individual changes can create big shifts, it will initially take strong leadership to inspire others to follow his lead.

Vasili believes that “my philotimo drives that I use that influence for the right reasons. To see something wrong, I’m compelled to do something about it.”

Reducing our carbon footprint through the Forktree Project

While Allstate has been tracking its carbon footprint and making improvements for over 18 months, Vasili believed there was more that could be done.

To help offset our carbon footprint, Allstate has been purchasing carbon credits through a charity organisation called the Forktree Project.

Founded by Tim Jarvis AM, the Forktree Project aims to plant native trees and shrubs on a 133-acre property located on the Fleurieu Peninsula to combat climate change and improve biodiversity. You can find out more about it here.

How Allstate leads the way in sustainable pest control

Besides the Forktree Project, we have identified areas of improvement and made adjustments within our business. We’re also trialling some new ways of delivering our pest control services.

Using renewable energy

Our new office is powered by solar panels to maximise natural resources from the sun.

Reducing paper and waste

By going paperless with the PestSENSE Digital register, our clients can still easily stay on top of pest compliance and documentation.

Choosing energy efficient transport

We’ve switched over to smaller vehicles for our pest control technicians to reduce our reliance on petrol.

In a first for our industry, we’re currently trialling a new electric vehicle. We’re interested in finding out if its capabilities can match the needs of our customers and technicians, and the impact of charging time on efficiency. If successful, this can have a significant effect on the rest of the industry, but only time will tell. Says Vasili, “…someone needs to do something, and part of that is working out whether an electric vehicle works. [It’s] a gamble, but [one] worth taking.”

Getting involved in environmental causes

To encourage a larger scale uptake of sustainable pest control practices, Vasili has driven AEPMA’s sustainability award and been involved in the climate change panel at the FOEPMA conference.

At Allstate, we are dedicated to resolving your pest outbreaks while being sustainably minded and working towards a healthier future for everyone. Established in 1986, we’ve helped many customers handle pests all over Adelaide across residential, commercial and industrial properties. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, speak to one of our friendly consultants today.

Want to find out more about our sustainability initiatives at Allstate? Speak with our friendly team today