Get ahead with the future of pest control technology

Turn this.

Into this.

Turn this.

Into this.

…with the scan of a QR code.

With PestSENSE, all businesses can take their pest register online, staying on top of pest compliance easily and efficiently.
Essential information can be accessed by any team member, simply by scanning your securely geo-located QR code.

Easy-to-use pest portal

  • Report pest sightings
  • View service history
  • Access comprehensive job details
  • Access compliance documentation
  • Communicate with your pest technician
  • View pest activity trend analysis
  • Stay across all data with dashboard view
  • Easy for all staff to access and use


Everything in one place

No more scrambling for documentation when you get audited. PestSENSE keeps your compliance reports, Safety Data Sheets and licences all in the one place.

Easy compliance for all third party audits

PestSENSE ensures your information remains compliant and up to date for all third party audits.

  • Ensure licences and Safety Data Sheets remain current
  • Service reports automatically added with all required information
  • Live sitemap ensures site information is current at all times
  • Easy to access service history, risk records and more, all in the one place

Proactive Pest Management

Stay on top of pests before they become a problem. It’s simple for staff to report a pest sighting by scanning the QR code.

Your portal’s dashboard provides an analysis of pest activity so that you can track the efficacy of your pest control. This trend analysis also ensures your technician is across a potential infestation before it happens.

Convenient and Efficient

If you’re a quality assurance or store manager, pest control doesn’t need to take up large chunks of your time. PestSENSE streamlines all parts of the pest compliance process for both you and your staff:

  • Staff can report pest sightings straight to the portal instead of to you
  • Communicate with your pest technician
  • See what sightings have been attended to, at a glance
  • See exactly when to update licenses and information
  • Have all documentation on hand

Why else are businesses making the switch to PestSENSE?

  • Hygienic and contact-free
  • Never gets lost or damaged
  • Information is always accurate and up to date
  • Secure – cannot be accessed off-site
  • Solve online portal accessibility headaches
  • Easy to ensure compliance with all audits

Keep your business ahead with PestSENSE