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Having a professional website, positive online reviews and word of mouth recommendations gives pest controllers more credibility to their clients.

You can trust your pest controller if they are fully licenced, insured and quality assured.

It’s important to be able to add and store relevant information, then produce the correct reports and documentation for auditing purposes. Different companies approach this in their own way, so it’s best to work out beforehand what system will work best for you.

Many pest control companies offer varying guarantees on their workmanship, so it’s handy to know upfront what their customer satisfaction policies are.

Having rapport with your pest controller makes working with them so much easier, as they understand you and support your role as a property manager, and they are responsive to the needs of your clients and tenants. You’ll also want someone who is available for urgent problems, and is experienced, trustworthy and punctual.

When you’re juggling many tasks as a property manager, the last thing you need is an urgent pest outbreak, and not knowing who you can turn to do effectively remove the problem. That’s why you’ll want to choose someone who is fully licenced and insured, reliable, offers guarantees on their work, and has a good reputation in the community.

As a property manager, you’re in charge of a large number of rental properties and constantly liaising with tenants, landlords and tradespeople. With such a busy schedule, when you get a request for pest control, it’s important that you can turn to a licensed pest expert that you can count on. Ideally, someone who takes the time to understand you and your tenants, is reliable, experienced, efficient and safety compliant.

If you’ve been searching for a pest control provider but not sure what qualities look for, we’ve got some tips on how to tell if they have a good reputation, what sort of guarantees they should offer for their workmanship, and whether or not they’re operating to national and industrial standards.

Does your pest exterminator have the right reputation?

If you’ve got a pest problem on your hands, your first instinct would be to approach someone who is experienced and you can trust to quickly and effectively eliminate it. There’s a few ways you can find a reliable pest controller in Adelaide:

Word of mouth recommendations

If you don’t already know a pest control expert, the next best thing is to ask other property manager colleagues for their suggestions on who they’ve had positive experiences working with.

Check their website

With many people using search engines to find services these days, it’s never been more competitive for pest controllers to make sure that their business catches your eye. With many opting to have an online presence, it’s important to make sure that their website looks professional, with clear contact details, as well as photos of their vans and the team wearing clean and tidy uniforms.

You can see how easy it is to get in touch with them, and whether they come across the way you would expect.

Positive online reviews

Most businesses understand the power of good feedback to attract new customers, so happy clients are a good sign that they deliver high quality service. Over the years, Allstate Pest Control has published hundreds of 5 star reviews from residential and commercial clients, so we’re now renowned as Adelaide’s leading independent pest control company.

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Licencing, insurance and industry compliance

Part of earning a good reputation means having the appropriate professional credentials to demonstrate expertise.


To carry out paid pest control work in South Australia, a pest management technician’s licence is compulsory.. Working with an unlicensed technician can affect your warranty protection on any service that is carried out.

Industry standards

It’s critical to stay up to date by monitoring and operating in line with changing industry standards. This ensures the safety and quality of work by your chosen pest controller.

Professional indemnity and public liability insurance

Although pest control isn’t considered a high risk industry, unforeseeable events can still happen. If the technician is fully insured for their work, this gives you, the landlord and tenants added protection in case of accidental damage. Check if their insurance policy varies for work completed with cash payments versus EFTPOS.

Allstate’s professional standards

As a SAI Global certified Quality Endorsed Company, all our pest control technicians are fully insured, police-checked and licensed by the SA Government Department of Health.

As active members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association, we regularly monitor and maintain compliance with AS/NZS4801, ISO9001 and 14001 standards, and ensure that we always meet the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

This way, you can have peace of mind that all of our work is completed in line with national expectations.


Now that you’re satisfied your pest controller is operating with a high degree of integrity, it’s handy to check that they have a policy in place to guarantee their work for a specified period of time. This will vary for different jobs, circumstances and treatments they apply.

Any products that turn out to be faulty are usually covered by the manufacturer, but you should always ask your pest exterminator first.

Request for a written quote and receipts

By physically disclosing the scope of work needed and when it is completed, this ensures that the job is carried out as per both you and the landlord’s expectations.

Allstate’s money-back guarantee

To demonstrate our commitment to high quality workmanship, if you are not completely satisfied with our pest control treatments we provide a corrective service free of charge. If you’re still not happy after 30 days, we will refund you the full amount you paid.

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Reporting and documentation

In order to demonstate that they’re delivering the best service possible, pest exterminators must produce reports showing that they’re operating within national and industrial safety standards.

 When a pest exterminator is able to present all relevant and critical information in a precise and streamlined way, this makes your job as a property manager much easier, especially when auditing time inevitably rolls around.

Reporting systems

Different pest control companies use their own methods to collect and pass on information to their clients. Some use traditional paperwork, while others opt for emails. In recent times, user-friendly online portals and apps have allowed for easier access and security.

Check how different companies choose to present their reporting system, and see how this fits in with the way you like to organise your records.

At Allstate, we store all your pest information securely in one place on our PESTsense Digital Pest Register.

This program allows you to add, view and monitor pest information, including comprehensive job details, Pest Control Service Reports, Risk Management Records and compliance documentation. By having an easy to access online system, we aim to help you save time and maximise convenience.

Compliance documentation

When third party audits inevitably come around, you’ll need to provide correct and up-to-date information to make the process run smoothly and ensure a successful outcome. If these records are easily accessible, you’ll know exactly where to find what you need and avoid scrambling around looking for paperwork.

Through the PESTsense Digital Pest Register, you’ll be able to check that all licenses and Safety Data Sheets remain current at any time. This means that you won’t need to rush to complete paperwork manually in order to meet auditing deadlines, while reducing your workload.

Is the pest control company easy to work with?

Finding the right pest control service can make your job much easier.

Sometimes, it all comes down to having rapport with your point of contact, whether that person is the business owner, pest technician, account manager, or all of the above.

Ideally, you’ll want to work with someone who is friendly, experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy, reliable and punctual and a good communicator.

Due to the urgent nature of some pest outbreaks, you’ll need a technician who has a 24/7 emergency service.

Appointments scheduled around your clients

At Allstate, we understand that pest problems can be stressful for both you and your client. However, we’re also respectful of your client’s time and their space. That’s why we aim to be flexible with our work in order to minimise disruption to their routine or business operations.

Priority response and access for property managers

Our property manager clients receive priority access, so our highly trained customer service and pest technician teams will respond quickly to your call outs. This means that you’re able to reassure the property owner and tenant that the problem has been fixed, and leaves everyone feeling confident that it’s a job well done.

Keep landlords and tenants satisfied by choosing the right pest control operator

As a property manager, choosing the right pest control service to work with enables you to maintain strong relationships, create trust and instil landlord and tenants’ confidence in your abilities.

With many pest control operators in Adelaide, it can be hard to know which one will suit your needs the best, and you may find that you have better rapport with some.

Along with being able to communicate and work well with them, it’s reassuring to know if they have a good reputation in the community, whether this is through online reviews, a professional looking website or word of mouth recommendations.

To ensure that their work is covered by warranty and that you’re protected if there’s any accidental damage, look for fully licenced, insured, police-checked, industry and Australian standard compliant pest control businesses. Most pest control services have a guarantee for their workmanship, but the time frame can vary.

When it comes to third party auditing, you’ll want to make sure that you have all the relevant information to submit. This is where a company with accurate, streamlined and up-to-date reporting systems and easy-to-access compliance documentation puts you in a better position for a successful outcome.

Since 1986, Allstate has offered highly responsive, effective and flexible service to property managers across of Adelaide. Our aim is to make your job easier by handling all aspects of pest control, from physical and chemical pest services, to providing you with the necessary reports then they’re needed.

We’re happy to chat with you any time to see if we are the right fit for you and your clients.

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