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At Allstate, we’re continuously striving to meet the wide range of needs of our ever- expanding customer base. Luckily, as a multicultural business, we’re able to lean on our team for help. As our business continues to grow, we’ve made sure that our team representation reflects the diversity of the local Adelaide community.

“We are looking for a diverse range of people that can meet the needs of the market.” – Vasili Tsoutouras, General Manager Allstate Pest Control

Why we value diversity

With strong growth predicted in 2024, Vasili Tsoutouras, General Manager Allstate Pest Control, is looking forward to future workforce planning and finding good candidates for the Allstate Academy. He believes that the heart, or driving force of the business lies in creating a dynamic, multicultural team. He says, “We want people with diverse skillset[s] – those who can add extra talent and value – bring another way of thinking.”

So far, the business has benefited immensely from having diversity, and not just by enriching the culture at the Allstate office. Having team members from different backgrounds has paved the way for Allstate to break into segments of the market that were previously inaccessible due to language barriers. It has also given the team a better understanding of how to respect different cultural beliefs and customs when attending a customer’s home or business.

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Bringing different experience and new knowledge

Let’s introduce some of Allstate’s newest team members who previously lived in other countries and offer a fresh perspective in their work.


Grace’s story

Relocating from Myanmar the end of May 2022, Grace began working for Allstate on October 10 as a Customer Care representative.

After finishing a Masters qualification in Business, she put it to good use in running her own successful business in selling online products.

In Myanmar, Grace learned firsthand about the importance of communicating clearly with customers to ensure that they are satisfied and their needs have been met.

She has been expanding her knowledge learning about Allstate’s systems, which are very new to her, because she encountered less developed systems back in Myanmar.

She’s enjoying being part of a friendly team and great workplace culture and feeling very much supported as she settles into her role at Allstate.

Grace has adjusted well to her new life in Adelaide, appreciating the fresh air and quieter traffic and going to the beach.

The main challenge for Grace has been getting used to the Australian accent, local slang and let’s be frank, the swearing that inevitably comes with it!


Hossein’s story

Arriving from Iran five months ago, Hossein is one of our newest pest control technicians.

Although he has only been working at Allstate for three months, he is no stranger to the industry. Hossein has owned and operated his own pest control business for 16 years in Iran. He has extensive experience in pest control, particularly in preventing German and American cockroaches, moths and rodents.

With a deep knowledge of pest control stemming from a Masters qualification in Medical Entomology, Hossein has enjoyed using Allstate’s innovative technology and iPads to make his work more efficient.

One of Hossein’s biggest challenges so far is learning different ways to manage pests Australia, given that he has a relatively limited access to pesticides here compared to Iran.

He’s also enjoying shadowing some of his colleagues learning about termites and poisonous spiders, which are uncommon pests in Iran.

So far, Hossein is settling in well in Adelaide. He’s enjoying the warm weather, immersing himself in local culture, going to the beach and visiting the Botanic Gardens in his spare time.

At Allstate, we welcome every team member’s unique background and skills. We believe that much of our success comes from bringing out the best in every person, no matter where they come from. Since 1986, our team has helped customers all around metropolitan Adelaide resolve their pest outbreaks in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Interested in joining the dynamic Allstate family?