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Adelaide’s largest family-owned pest control company has thrived on the vision, hard work and passion of its people for 35 years. Now that Allstate is facing unprecedented growth, these naturally occurring attributes have been turned into official values, so that the exemplary culture that built the business is reflected in every employee.

Our Values

Kick tail, and be proud of it

Everything we do here is based on uncompromising excellence. This includes our service, our knowledge, and our treatment of customers and each other. This level of excellence relies on individual ownership – each of us takes pride in our work by striving to do the best job we possibly can.

Own your mistakes and learn from them

Mistakes happen – we’re human. What matters is that if any of us makes one, we immediately put our hand up and admit to it, then get whatever support we need to resolve it as quickly as possible. We each treat every one of our mistakes as an opportunity to improve.

We over me

Allstate succeeds when everyone – whether on the road or in the office – pulls together to get things done. We have just as much respect for the needs of our teammates as we do for our own, and we all have a responsibility to ensure everyone in the Allstate family feels supported and heard.

If it matters to the customer, it matters to us

Our customers are Allstate, so we treat them and their property with the utmost respect. We do everything we can to give them the best experience possible: ‘going the extra mile’ doesn’t exist in our vocabulary – it’s just what we do.

If you’re not growing, you’re dying

We are continually evolving and adapting to stay as efficient and effective as we possibly can. We seize every opportunity to get better and look ahead to solve next week’s problems now.
Allstate Pest Control has long been known for its top-level customer service, and its people are proud of their close-knit team culture. But whilst Allstate’s values have evolved organically, the company’s unprecedented growth meant it was time they were set in stone.

“Our growth has kicked up over the last 18 months; in that time we have increased employee numbers from 35 to 55 with no sign of slowing down,” said second-generation CEO Vasili Tsousouras.

“Putting these values into words ensures we have 100% commitment to them by every single person in the company.”

“We use them in the hiring, onboarding and induction process so that when a new person joins the team, they know our values back to front before they’ve set foot in the door.”

Allstate’s newly written values are also integral to keeping established employees on track.

“Between our new rewards and recognition program and our performance management reviews, every goal is set against a value, so we can ensure each team member is upholding the values and is acknowledged when they are,” Vasili enthused.

“For example, one of our values is ‘We Over Me’, and so when a person shows they are more about the team than themselves they get recognised for it.”

“Or when we assess performance against the value ‘Own Your Mistakes And Learn From Them’, we acknowledge people for taking constructive criticism as an opportunity to learn.”

Allstate’s values were created in conjunction with people from all areas of the company to ensure they were a true reflection of the business.

“These values are who we are, and we now have a means of ensuring they are practiced by everyone,” Vasili said proudly.

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