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On the road with Kiki – Episode 3

December 6, 2022
forktree project tim

Welcome to our latest episode of On the Road with Kiki. Today, we follow pest consultant Kristian as he travels around to Adelaide to help our clients remove pests from their homes and businesses.

Starting off with a termite assessment, Kristian finds these pesky creatures active in timber yard edging, so it’s likely that they’re already inside the home. He explains how Allstate can set up a protection system that is monitored 3 times a year.

Then, he’s off to our next client’s home, where starling birds have been nesting in the roof space by squeezing through small gaps underneath the roof sheet. Kristian recommends installing a gutter guard to prevent this from happening again once the bird nests have been removed.

After a quick “cheat day” lunch break at KFC, Kristian heads down to beautiful Port Noarlunga South for another starling surprise inside a roof space. This time, though, these small birds are crawling underneath ridge caps.

Before he heads back to the city, Kristian simply can’t resist a quick visit to the beautiful beach on this sunny spring day.

For a much-needed coffee pitstop and catch up with his mates, Kristian swings by his favourite café O.F.P Our Food Project on Goodwood Road, Daw Park before hitting the road again to his last job.

With yet more pests entering roof spaces, possums are the culprit for our final client of the day. Kristian reassures the client that since possums are protected, they are trapped and then relocated to a nesting box that is up to 50m away.

By coincidence, Kristian bumps into a colleague who is preparing to carry out a springtime insect treatment for the same client. To treat spiders and crawling insects, he starts by spraying the outside walls with insecticide.

Locally owned and operated since 1986, Allstate has helped many clients across metropolitan Adelaide with pest removal and management. Whether you’re at home or running a business, we’re available 24/7 in every suburb to answer all questions about pests. Since we’re family owned, we prefer to support local SA businesses like ours as much as possible to build a stronger community.

Choose Allstate for innovative, safe and nontoxic pest control treatments to protect your home or business from pests today.

Choose Allstate for safe, nontoxic treatments to

protect your home or business from pests today.