Domestic and wild birds could be bringing bird mites into your home

Bird Mites Removal and Treatment Adelaide

Being bitten in your home, and you’re not sure why? It might be bird lice.

Adelaide is home to a variety of sneaky biting insects, but there’s one particularly nasty bug that could have taken hold in your home—the bird mite.

Like fleas, bird mites (also called bird lice) are attracted by animals. But instead of cats and dogs, these pesky insects set their sights on birds, both wild and domestic. Bird lice can be brought into your home by wild birds or even on your pet chickens.

Although they prefer birds, these lice will find a nearby human host if the bird they came in on is no longer around. And, unfortunately, that host may be you!

How can you tell if you have a bird lice infestation?

Telling the difference between bird lice, fleas, and bed bugs is almost impossible for the untrained eye. These bugs are all small, sneaky, and leave small, red, itchy bumps on the skin.

But there are some signs you can look out for, like nearby pest birds, that might indicate a bird mite infestation rather than another biting bug.

If you keep birds as pets, you may notice crusty or scaly bites, swollen skin or rashes on them. Birds that are behaving differently, acting restless, coughing or sneezing, can be another sign. As for chickens, you may find your eggs are no longer up to scratch!

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How do we control and prevent bird lice?

While there are some methods you can use to get rid of bird mites, you should call a professional exterminator when you aren’t sure if your pests are bird lice or another biting bug, or if you are worried have a severe infestation.

At Allstate, we have a 5 step, proven process for controlling bird mites.


To ensure a successful treatment, we first conduct a thorough inspection and assessment of the building.

Bird nest location and removal

Abandoned bird nests can be the source of a bird mite outbreak. That’s why we will locate and remove any bird nests to prevent new mites from moving into your home.

Safe and effective treatment

With a plan in place, we will carry out treatment with insecticide powder and surface spray. All products we use to eradicate bird lice are safe for people and pets and are approved by the Australian Veterinary Medicines and Pesticide Authority.

Follow-up treatment

Because the pest’s eggs can take a few days to hatch, bird mites can and do return after the first treatment. So, for more severe infestations, we will attend to carry out a follow-up treatment to remove the second wave.


We will provide you with a report outlining our findings and treatment.

Warranties and money-back guarantee

We provide all our customers with our industry-leading warranty following a treatment. If you’re not satisfied with the results, we’ll come back free of charge until you are.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bird Lice

Are bird mites dangerous?

While the mites themselves are not generally considered dangerous, they pose a threat to people and pets with allergies. Allergic responses from a bird lice bite can vary from mild to severe enough to require medical treatment.

How can you tell if you have bird lice?

Bird mite infestations can be hard to detect, as the bugs are small, and the bites they cause are similar to other biting insects. If you are waking with small, swollen, red bites, you should consult a professional pest control tech. They can assess if bed bugs, fleas, or bird lice are present so that the appropriate treatment can be carried out.

How do you treat bird lice bites?

Once bitten, you should rinse and gently scrub your skin with water and soap to remove any mites and disinfect the bites. Then you can apply over-the-counter anti-itch products. If your pet has been bitten, take it to the vet as it may require medication.

How do you prevent bird mites?

  • Regularly maintain bird cages, including chicken pens, with thorough cleaning.
  • Maintain a clean home by vacuuming carpets frequently and regularly washing bed linen, clothing, and pet bedding.
  • Check over new pets and birds before bringing them into your home—if you cannot thoroughly check them yourself, you can have a vet check them.
  • Perform regular building maintenance, including blocking any entry points for birds, such as unused chimneys, vents, and gaps in roofing.
  • Clean and maintain your solar panels to prevent birds from nesting.

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